Addressable Geofencing Advertising Services

At kemo emarketing, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency with more than 20 years of experience. Unlike other geofencing advertising companies, we understand that every business is unique and different — which is why we provide customized strategies instead of cookie-cutter campaigns.
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Explore Geofencing Advertising Plans

Aggressive Plan


500 USD/Monthly

$1,000 - $3,600 monthly ad spend
Up to 15 conversion zones
Web form, ecommerce, and foot traffic conversion traffic
Desktop, tablet, and mobile audience targeting

Market Leader Plan


1200 USD/Monthly

$3,600 or more monthly ad spend
Up to 50 conversion zones
Quarterly banner ads
Single target address fences

Trailblazer Plan


4500 USD/Monthly

$10,000 or more monthly ad spend
Up to 80 conversion zones
Quarterly banner ads
Single target address fences

Amplify Your Advertising ROI With Addressable Geofencing Services

For almost 85% of marketers, location-based advertising creates more effective ad campaigns. It also improves the customer experience, generates higher conversion rates, and lifts sales and store visits. Companies looking to grow their market share can’t afford to ignore addressable geofencing. Our addressable geofencing services let your business take advantage of addressed-based geofencing without the hassle of developing a strategy, launching a set of geofences, and monitoring your campaign.
Learn more about our addressable geofencing services, from how they can help your company generate more sales to how much they cost, by contacting our experienced team of strategists. Contact us online to get started now.
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